Privacy Policy

All scholarship submissions should have a privacy policy visible on each page of the sponsor’s website. The our Scholarship Department not only works to provide quality scholarships for students, but also to ensure that students’ information is protected. Privacy policies should include:

  1. Name of business/organization and/or site name, address, and contact information.
  2. Language detailing whether or not you collect information from site visitors, what information is collected, and how this information is used once it is collected. Furthermore, student information can only be shared if students give their permission and for the purpose of awarding scholarships.
  3. Students must not be automatically enrolled to receive extraneous emails and/or solicitations of any sort. You must provide an area where students can indicate whether or not they’d like to receive further communication. Finally, all further emails must include an option to remove their email address from any distribution lists.
  4. Scholarship submissions that do not have privacy policies will be reviewed by the Department on a case by case basis, and will only be posted provided they meet all the requirements outlined above
  5. Once you have determined that your organization meets these guidelines, please submit the following information via email to:

Required Information to Submit a Scholarship to

  1. Sponsor Information : In order to have your scholarship listed, we need your organization’s mailing address, phone number, contact name, and email address. Phone numbers and contact names are for internal use only, unless you request that your scholarship contain that informationwhen posted on our website. Also, always include your website’s URL. Finally, a fax number is helpful but not necessarily required.
  2. Scholarship Information
    • The basics: name of the scholarship, deadline date, value of the scholarship, and the number of scholarships available.
    • Minimum SAT/ACT and GPA.
    • Any descriptive information that indicates who this scholarship is targeting. For example:
      • Residency Requirement(s)
      • School Year
      • Major
      • Required college state
      • Required college or university
      • Required race or heritage
      • Required student activities: such as clubs, professional or civic organizations or particular extracurricular activities
      • Any parental requirements, such as a union membership or active military or veteran
      • Specific disabilities if applicable
      • Religion or religious heritage
      • Sports or hobbies
      • Gender
      • Marital status

Provide a detailed description of the actual scholarship. Please include important response information, such as “Only emails will be accepted,” “No emails accepted,” “Send a SASE for further information,” or “You will find the complete scholarship information by going to our website.” If you prefer responses by mail, omitting this information may result in receiving unwanted calls or emails.

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