About KG2PG Scholarships


We are a team of more than a decade experienced professionals, who have come together to create a platform for deserving and needy students to secure information about available scholarships and for agencies to display their scholarship offerings to them. We have done this to reduce the troubles of deserving and needy students who were finding it very difficult to find up to date information on scholarships available for education, as per their aspirations. Through our services, we endeavor to offer deserving and financially weak students to obtain information about the eligibility, suitability and amounts of scholarships available for various courses. Scholarships are available for studies right from KG to PG level and we propose to provide scholarship related professional services for our students.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate deserving students to nurture their merit and talent through existing scholarships and overcome financial needs to achieve their goals.

Our main objective is to create awareness among deserving students about the various scholarship options available for further education. We aim to facilitate the disbursal of unclaimed scholarship amount in the government treasury to deserving students who wish to pursue higher studies but cannot due to shortage of funds. Students wishing to go for higher education can scan through the various options available for them, on our website and select the best option that suits them. Thus, we aim to be the one stop shop for all students when it comes to scholarship information.

Our vision

Through this website, we endeavor to create awareness amongst deserving students about the availability of various scholarships available for higher education. We also wish to facilitate the application for and the disbursal of scholarship amounts to deserving students, according to their suitability. Through this website, we wish to open more doors for students to pursue higher education as per their aspirations, using the scholarship options available. Students can check the website for information about scholarships, the eligibility criteria for the same and the accompanying rewards and application deadlines. All this we provide as a free service. Thus, we have created a website:

  • To help students avail the scholarships they are eligible of.
  • To create a platform to connect scholarship provider and scholarship seeker
  • To make students aware about various scholarships available across the world.
  • To help students avail grants and gifts they are eligible of.
  • To help students from KG to PG avail aid for education

Who are we

We are a platform for facilitating scholarship seekers and students to connect. Students of various educational faculties avail merit based / means based / cultural based/talent based / literary based / technology based / women based scholarships. The scholarships are for students studying from kg to pg.

What we do

We facilitate the networking of scholarship seekers and scholarship providers. We help the right students avail the right scholarships, in the right format, at the right amount.

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